Dutch professional sports photographer - Huub Keulers | Pro sports photographer


Sports photography is my biggest passion. The thrill of being close to the action and capturing that one sport moment when everything comes together. Creating sports memories with focus on the beauty and love for the sport. Thats why I became a professional sports photographer almost 15 years ago. By learning in the field and making mistakes, I gained a lot of experience and developed into a commercial sports photographer.

My ultimate goal is to create sports photos that have a positive impact. My mission is successful when my sports pictures are also an inspiration to sports and sports photography lovers all over the world. I create commercial and advertising sports photos for athletes, sports organizations, sports brands and sports sponsors. Because of my contact with athletes I am aware how much energy and time athletes put into their goals. Thats why I also support athletes and sports organizations, sports brands in increasing their visibility and marketing their brand.

My motivation is to capture the action, emotion and atmosphere at its peak in an image. Every time I look for different perspectives and try to be as original and surprising as possible. Preparation, originality, reliability and high quality are very important to me. Only then can my customers and the athletes be can be happy with the result. Just like an athlete and an entrepreneur, I want to get the best out of my self and peak at the right moment. That's what I am aiming for every time.

Being close to the action and experiencing the athlete's adrenaline is something that makes me happy. If I'm able to merge action, excitement, emotion and story into one image and my clients are satisfied then I am a happy person. Especially the moments when you know that you have photographed the right moments and see the result on your screen.

Sharing knowledge is also something thats in my genes and that I get a lot of energy and pleasure from. I am excited by people who are not afraid to share their knowledge and passion.   That is also a reason why we provide photography courses and workshops. Our attention is focused on the way in which every person learns in a different way. I am delighted when a student says, "Ah, that's why my photos don't always work out the way I want!"

In addition to top sport, young sport talents and disabled sport also have a special place in my heart. It's my motivation to capture the right atmosphere and the story in catchy and unique images. Whether it's a sports match or posed picture, I'm always looking for different perspectives to be original and surprising. Preparation, originality, reliability and high quality are of great importance in this proces. Just like an athlete and an entrepreneur, we want to achieve the best at the right time.

I have been photographing major international sporting events for over 10 years, but with the same passion I also photograph national and regional sporting events. I get my inspiration mainly from the beauty and love for the sport, but also from the personal and fascinating stories behind the athletes.

Our clients include sports brands, advertising companies, sports associations, competition organizations, athletes and press agencies. Are you interested in a professional partnership for your sporting event or brand? Then do not hesitate and contact us without obligation.

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